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In this post, we will guide you on how to setup internet access in Cantonk DVR from remote location via web Browser and Mobile App.

For desktop PC viewing, please use Windows 7, or 8 operating systems, Internet Explorer 8 or 9 versions.

Local PC connection

To view CCTV using a local desktop computer, please follow this procedure below.

  • Open an Internet Explorer Browser, type the static IP address of your DVR in the address bar using http:// prefix then press Enter key
  • You may be asked to install the active x control, right click it, then select install.
  • If installation of fails, click Tools > internet options > security tab > custom level > browse down for active x controls and plug ins, click enable for the following settings, or prompt will do.
    click OK > apply > OK
  • Reload the web page: ( your DVR IP address
  • Click install, wait until the web page appears.
  • If asked with username and password, use these default values
      username: 88888888
      password: 88888888
  • You can now navigate to the CCTV Main window.
  • Click OPEN all to view all cameras
  • Click log out to exit.

Remote PC connection

To view Cantonk CCTV network from a remote desktop computer, follow the procedure above but you must change the IP address into public IP. You can find the existing public IP address via ISP inquiry or go to using a local PC in the DVR server connected network.

Replace the IP address with a public one eg. this is the current public IP address for your internet connection.

Smartphone access

To view CCTV via mobile, for example iPhone, iPad, and Android devices please find zMEye application in the Appstore or Google Play.
Install the app, run it and find for setting icon, to add a new CCTV DVR.

Use values below 

Local Viewing

Device Name: cctv local (any preferred name)
Address: (local IP Address of the DVR)
Mobile Port: 3357
Username: 88888888
Password: 88888888
Max channel: x (number of supported channels of your DVR)

Remote Viewing

Device Name: cctv remote (any preferred name)
Address: (Public or External IP Address of your Modem or Router)
Mobile port:3357
Max channel: x (number of supported channels of your DVR)

Click Play icon to start viewing


Remote viewing will work only if you have properly configured port forward settings on your router, otherwise you need to plug in the DVR directly on your Router or modem to work. But this direct connection means you have to input the Static Public IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway on your DVR. If you don’t have a Static Public IP Address then you may consider creating a DDNS Account.

I hope you have successfully configured internet access in Cantonk DVR. Should you have questions in this article, please leave your comment below.

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